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The Largest Colored Rough Diamond in History

Ebelyakh Mine Russia

Giant rough diamond

The giant rough diamond discovered by Alrosa in Russia – a 236-carat rough diamond. The rough diamond is dark amber in color and measures 47x24x22 mm. It is speculated that it was formed 120 million to 230 million years ago. It is the largest colored diamond ever discovered in Russia.

Alrosa company

Alrosa company was established in 1954. It is the second-largest diamond producer in the world. Headquartered in Yakutia, Russia, the company has more than 170 enterprises including more than 20 mining and joint ventures.

ALROSA Group is a Russian diamond company. Its diamond mine reserves account for about one-third of the world’s diamond resources and 94% of Russia’s overall diamond production. The company has advanced exploration technology and equipment. It is worth mentioning that the Russian government holds a 69% stake in Alrosa.

ALROSA represents the best in the Russian mining industry. With the continuous improvement of mining technology and company management methods, the prospects for the development of Russia’s mining industry are broad. ALROSA company is one of the important financial resources of the Russian state. It has a good reputation in the international market. It is internationally acclaimed for the quality of its diamonds. ALROSA’s annual sales of diamonds exceed 4 billion US dollars.

Ebelyakh mine

The diamond was found in the Ebelyakh mine in northeastern Russia, which is close to the coast of the Laptev Sea and about 1,211 kilometers northwest of Yakutsk. The diamond mine belongs to the Anabar Diamond Company, a subsidiary of the ALROSA Group. This diamond is also the largest colored rough diamond ever found in Russia.

In the past few years, the Ebelyakh Mine has unearthed several brightly colored rough diamonds, for example: in the summer of 2017, a 34.17ct Fancy Vivid Yellow rough diamond and a 27.85ct pink rough diamond were discovered; 28.59-carat rough yellow diamond found; 17.44-carat yellow rough diamond found in 2022.

Colored Rough Diamond-2

Colored Rough Diamond-2