The rarest and most famous rubies in the world

Today,Normaltan Jewelry takes a look at some of the rarest and most famous rubies in the world.

most famous rubies in the world

Ruby is a beautiful, transparent gem-quality corundum. The main component is aluminum oxide (Al2O3), and the red color comes from chromium (Cr). Gemstones that are naturally free of chromium are blue sapphires. Most natural rubies come from Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka), Africa, and Australia, with a little bit in the US states of Montana and South Carolina. Natural rubies are very rare and precious, and industrial rubies are all man-made.

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  • Origin and rarity of rubies

The best rubies in the world are produced in Myanmar. For more than 800 years, due to the unique geological conditions, the Mogok mining area has produced the most beautiful rubies. So-called “pigeon’s blood” gemstones, which are purplish or pink with red fluorescence, are top-quality gemstones and usually come from this region.

People love ruby and regard it as a representative of love, enthusiasm, and noble character, a symbol of brilliance. Legend has it that people who wear rubies will live a long and healthy life, live happily, and have a harmonious family. According to legend, the Burmese warriors in the past cut a small hole in their bodies and embedded a ruby in their mouths. They believed that this would make them invulnerable. The international gem industry also regards ruby as the “July birthstone”, which is a symbol of nobility, love, and benevolence.

“Gem-quality rubies are the hardest gems to find and command the highest prices” Rubies are the red variety of corundum – just like sapphires are blue. It is much rarer than blue gems. The rarity combined with the demand for rich red gemstones drives prices very high.

  • The Appraisal of Ruby

Carmen Lucia. Carmen Lucia is indispensable when mentioning the famous ruby. It has near-perfect clarity, weighs as much as 23.1 carats, and comes from Myanmar. Its color grade reaches pigeon blood red, which is very rare and extremely rare. There is also a touching story behind it, which bears the boundless love and firm commitment of a husband to his wife.

The De Long Star Ruby (The De Long Star Ruby), a six-shot star ruby weighing 100.32 carats, is now in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History. The star ruby was stolen in 1964 and recovered in 1965.

Sunrise Ruby. In 2015, a ruby ring set a record for the transaction of colored gemstones. This is a 25.59-carat Burmese pigeon blood ruby ring with a transaction price of 30.42 million US dollars.

The Nawata Ruby is a 496.5-carat Burmese ruby.

Hixon Ruby. The ruby is a ruby crystal weighing 196.1 carats and is now in the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History.

The Rosser Reeves Ruby. This is a 138.7-carat star ruby from Sri Lanka. It is one of the few star rubies with a large number of carats in the world. It is now collected in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA.

Graff Ruby. The Graff ruby weighed 8.62 carats and was auctioned for the first time in 2006 with a transaction price of US$3,637,480, which set a new record for a single-carat ruby at that time. In 2014, it appeared at the auction again, and this time it was sold at a sky-high price of 60 million, which caused a sensation.

  • The Meaning of Ruby

The blood-red ruby is the most cherished by people, commonly known as “pigeon blood red”. Its color is bright red and beautiful, and it can be called the “crown of red gemstones”. The magnificent and luxurious ruby is the king of gems, the treasure of treasures, and its advantages exceed all gems. Some ancient books believe that ruby ​​is “the most precious of the twelve gems created by God when he created all things.

In Europe, at royal weddings, rubies are still used as a witness of marriage. In the international gem market, bright red rubies are called “male rubies”, and light red ones are called “female rubies”. A man who owns a ruby can grasp the power he dreams of, while a woman who owns a ruby can get eternal love.

Because ruby is filled with strong anger and rich colors, people in the past thought it was the incarnation of the phoenix, and had a warm fantasy about it.

These are the rarest and most famous rubies in the world introduced to you by Normaltan Jewelry. Hope you enjoy it.