color clothes go with a sapphire

What color clothes go with a sapphire ring?

What color clothes go with a sapphire? Normaltan Jewelry recommends matching it according to its color and quality characteristics, so as to better reflect your style and hobbies.

  1. Blue + Monochrome:

Sapphire itself is bright and attractive.

  1. Blue + white:

Just like the blue sky and white clouds. Especially in summer, the color matching is fresh and pleasant, and the noble temperament is loved by many ladies.

  1. Sapphire + black:

Striking sapphire blue adds sophistication with black accessories like a black belt and black pumps.

  1. Sapphire blue matches with similar colors:

Matching blue and similar colors is very simple. To master the principle of matching depth, you should try to avoid blue with uniform saturation throughout the body.

  1. Blue and complementary colors:

It has a bright and lively effect that feels good. Contrasting colors are orange, yellow, red, etc. This collocation requires bold attempts, different contrasting colors, and different styles. A large number of contrasting color blocks are stitched together, full of young and lovely feelings.

In summary,Blue with no color is a very classic combination. Blue can be combined with black and white at the same time to bring out pure colors to the extreme. So it will make people feel more fresh and more concise. The combination of blue and black makes the whole set feel very unified, highlighting the wisdom and calmness of the blue color.

Compared with matching with white and black, the matching effect with gray is more restrained. Add some black or white as a transition, and the matching effect will be better.

What color clothes go with a sapphire?

Amethyst Ring Maintenance and wearing method

i. In the process of wearing an amethyst ring, amethyst should try to avoid strong high-temperature exposure. In daily wear, be careful not to touch things with relatively high temperatures, such as electric ovens, hot air from soup pots, water vapor in bathrooms, sunbaths, and so on.
ii. Purification and maintenance should be carried out frequently. Amethyst is a very spiritual crystal. If it is not worn for a long time, it will become inert in its spirituality. This point should also be noted.
iii. Avoid direct contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and hairspray, otherwise, It will easily cause the gold jewelry to fade.
iv. When storing, wrap them in flannelette and put them in the jewelry box to avoid friction and damage.
v. When cleaning the ring, use a small wooden stick or a matchstick to roll a piece of cotton with a gemstone ring, soak it in a mixture of toilet water and glycerin, scrub the frame of the gemstone, and then polish the ring with a flannelette. Do not scrape with sharp objects such as blades.