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Tanzanite (zoisite) – Let’s get to know this gem better

Tanzanite (Zoisite) is a silicate containing calcium and aluminum, which is a kind of zoisite. Its hues range from sky blue to rich blue purple. Viewed from three different directions, Tanzanite will show three different colors blue, purple, and yellow-brown. And in a good cut, it will have a steady blue-purple hue (viewed from the top), rich and breathtakingly beautiful. The most valuable Tanzanite (Zoisite) is dark blue with a hint of purple, which is extravagant and mysterious. Today, Normaltan Jewelry will discuss with you the source and meaning of Tanzanite.

The material of the “Ocean Star” worn by the heroine in “Titanic” in 1997 is Tanzanite (Zoisite).It made more people know about it. In recent years, the price of Tanzanite (Zoisite) has been rising steadily.We can even see Tanzanite (Zoisite) jewelry priced at tens of thousands in big jewelry stores. Beacuse of Tanzanite hardness only about 6.5-7, its price is very likely to be comparable to that of sapphire.

Ocean Star
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  1. The source of Tanzanite

Known as the “roof of Africa”, Mount Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro) is ancient and mysterious. It is located in the northeast of Tanzania and about 160 kilometers south of the East African Rift Valley. It is the watershed between Tanzania and Kenya. Although it is near the equator, it is covered with white snow. At the foot of this “equatorial snow peak” is a vast tropical grassland, where many mammals live and lush vegetation grows. This peaceful land changed its fate because of a fire.


One day a bolt of lightning struck the area near the Merelani mountains at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.Immediately set fire to the surrounding grasslands,which were originally mixed with vegetation and other stones. The khaki-yellow ore together was burnt by the high temperature of the fire. And put on a new dark and charming blue dress. The blue treasure Tanzanite was born on this land, waiting for the arrival of the god of fate.

Nomads who come and go are frequent visitors to the grassland. After the fire, the local Massai herdsmen came here again with their livestock.They found many stones shining with blue-purple light dotted on the ground in the sun.So the herdsmen picked up these gems one after another and believed deeply These gemstones can bring them a better life. They can be regarded as the earliest collectors of tanzanite.


In 1965, Portuguese geologist Manuel D’Souza traveled in the Merelani area.The local Masai shared the blue-purple crystals they found with D’Souza. As keen prospector, he happened to be looking for rubies in the area. So he quickly discovered that this gemstone was different from sapphires and had never been seen before.

Soon, with the assistance of D’Souza, New York Tiffany & Co (Tiffany & Co.) introduced this exciting discovery to the world. In 1968, to commemorate the discovery of gemstones, which was the newly established United Nations of Tanzania at that time.Henry B. Platt, vice president of Tiffany & Co., named the newly discovered gemstone Tanzanite.It can be said that Tiffany first opened up the Tanzanite market.

  1. The meaning of tanzanite

The Tanzanite ring represents unique love and is the spiritual stone that leads the wearer to move forward. Wearing a Tanzanite ring can help the wearer enhance his understanding, enhance the wearer’s insight, and intuition, and help the wearer to deeply understand the Self, help him get rid of repressed emotions, and let him use positive energy in the right place. The unique “Heart of the Ocean” in the famous movie “Titanic” is the proudly smiling Tanzanite. The Tanzanite ring represents unique love and is the spirit stone that leads the wearer forward. It also opened the age of Tanzanite.

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Tanzanite helps to stimulate a fighting spirit, help change the lazy style, establish a healthy and progressive outlook on life, establish principles and views on things, grasp the correct direction, and at the same time strengthen expression and communication skills, thereby increasing the ability to persuade the other party. In the era of rapid development in the contemporary era, people’s lives are under great pressure. The energy of Tanzanites can relieve the mental tension and pressure caused by the rapid development and compact pace of life of modern people, and it can also bring more inspiration to people. creativity.