Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite Jewelry Suitable for Everyday Wear or not ? Exploring Durability and Style

Tanzanite Jewelry

The hardness of gems and minerals is measured on the Mohs scale, with the hardest mineral being diamond (10) and the softest mineral being talc (1). The hardness of tanzanite is between 6 and 7, which is similar to the hardness of garnet and moonstone.

Tanzanite is not a stone that breaks easily, but it scratches more easily than harder colored stones like ruby and sapphire. Because Tanzanite is relatively soft, it should be treated with respect. It is generally recommended not to wear colored gemstones while doing heavy or rough work (such as cleaning, gardening, or playing sports), to avoid contact with gritty materials, and to remove them when swimming, as chlorine in swimming pools can damage the gemstones.

Stones with a hardness of 6-7 or higher are ideal for occasional wear rings. But for a ring like a wedding or engagement ring that is intended to be worn every day for a period of time, a hardness rating of 8-10 is recommended (such as ruby, sapphire, spinel, topaz, cat’s eye, alexandrite or diamond).

Things to note when wearing tanzanite

When worn, a pendant is much more protective than a ring, so tanzanite would be great as a pendant to wear every day. However, it is still recommended to take it off before exercising, swimming, or bathing.

To clean tanzanite on a daily basis, never use an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner (often used in jewelry stores). The best way is to use a toothbrush and warm soapy water.

Today N.J. briefly introduces the relevant knowledge of tanzanite to you. Tanzanite jewelry can better set off your temperament and make you a highlight among the crowd. Whether it is a social gathering or daily casual shopping, if you want a piece of tanzanite jewelry as an accessory, please contact our service team. N.J. is willing to provide you with more valuable suggestions.