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Symbolic Meaning of the Moonstone, Uncovering it.

Today Normaltan Jewelry reveals the symbolic meaning of moonstone for you.

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When the white light shines on the gemstone, the interference color is produced due to the special structure inside the gemstone.The white to light blue flashes can be seen on the surface of the gemstone, just like hazy moonlight. This is because the orthoclase has albite feldspar, and the albite is directionally distributed in the orthoclase crystal.and the layered crystals of the two kinds of feldspar are parallel to each other, and the refractive index is slightly different, resulting in interference color. This is the moonlight effect.

Symbolic Meaning of the Moonstone-blog01

  1. The Legend of the Moonstone

Legend has it that moonstone is a gemstone scattered from the moon to the world.With a soft light blue iridescence, it can bring enthusiasm and happiness to people. People also call the moonstone the “lovers’ stone”, which has a special meaning for lovers and is the best gift for lovers. Moonstone is also known as the “Lover’s Stone”. Its another name-Traveler’s Stone, due to the belief that it can protect at night.

  1. The efficacy and function of moonstone

Moonstones effect

Moonstones can prevent diseases such as cancer and edema. Moonstone acts on the solar plexus corresponding to the sun chakra, causing pain when the sun chakra is opened.It can make people see themselves more clearly.

Moonstones can also adjust women’s endocrine system, improve fertility, and relieve menstrual pain, but it’s fine to wear them daily and don’t wear them during the real menstrual period.

Moonstone helps the digestive and reproductive systems, aids in nutrient absorption, detoxifies, eliminates fluid retention, and eases the degeneration of skin, hair, eyes, and fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas. It is especially beneficial for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Function of Moonstone

If your boyfriend is a machismo, let them wear moonlight, because moonlight is a purely feminine magnetic field, which helps us understand our inner side and prompts us to accept other people’s suggestions.

If there are female friends who are too straightforward in personality and abrupt in speech and behavior, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry. Moonstone can improve the temperament from the inside out, bringing a calm manner and elegant attitude to the wearer.

Moonstone is a gemstone of love. Wearing it will add a romantic atmosphere and at the same time attract the opposite sex.

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  1. The color of the moonstone


Blue-colored moonstone is the most valuable variety of moonstone, and its main components are sodium and potassium aluminosilicates. Its background color has the halo of a blue moon, and it has strong light transmission. Compared with other moonstones, there are more impurities, which reflect blue light.


There are light yellow impurities in the light and shadow of yellow moonstones. Its color is delicate and smooth to the touch. And the value of this color moonstone is second only to blue moonstone, wearing it symbolizes wisdom, imagination, and creativity.


The usual color of moonstone is colorless to white, and the layered crypto crystals of just feldspar and albite are parallel to each other. When the two layers intersect and the layer is thicker, the feldspar cannot refract light normally, and the surface layer of the moonstone will produce a gray-white visible to the naked eye.


Moonstones of this color are mostly yellow-green, and like grape stones, the surface layer is mostly gray-green. It does not have a blue moon halo, and if it has a blue halo, it is mostly a fake moonstone. It has the usual cat’s eye effect.


This kind of moonstone, also known as labradorite, is an isotropic series composed of albite and anorthite. Its color is pure and beautiful, and it is often used as a decorative material by people.

  1. Taboos when wearing

First, pay attention to anti-collision. When wearing it in daily life, do not collide the moonstone with other accessories. Secondly, it is better to take off the jewelry and put it in a brocade box when you sleep at night.So it is safer and the surface of the moonstone will not be damaged.

Second, don’t get contaminated with chemicals. Generally speaking, most women wear moonstones. Women should take off moonstone jewelry in daily dress, make-up,  and avoid contact with perfume, hair spray, shampoo, etc.. to avoid corrosion. It loses its surface gloss.

The above is the symbolic meaning of the moonstone revealed by Normaltan Jewelry. Hope that gives you more insight into this beautiful gem.