Rubies: The Charm of the King of Gems

Rubies, as the birthstone of July, is known as the “King of Gemstones”. Its color is rich and bright, and it presents its unique optical phenomenon. As long as it is illuminated by a light source, it can reflect beautiful and moving starlight.

The English name of ruby is Ruby, which is derived from the Latin “Ruber”. The mineral name for ruby is “corundum”. In the jewelry world, corundum is sapphire except ruby. The density is 4.00g/cm3; the refractive index is between “1.762-1.770”; the birefringence is between “0.008-0.010”. Ruby has a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond in hardness, and has a bright glass luster. Among them, “pigeon’s blood red” is the best among rubies, with a bright and strong color, showing the charm of ruby itself to the extreme.

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Ruby ​​in Religion

Lapidaire en Vers

The ancient book “Lapidaire en Vers” once mentioned that “among the 12 kinds of gemstones created by God, the most precious gemstone is ruby”. Ruby is even compared with wisdom in the Bible. The fourth gemstone on Aaron’s vestment is a ruby, engraved with the names of the Jewish ancestors. Later this ruby was used as the crown jewel. Although it is called differently, all translations point to the same noble and powerful Ruby.


In Hinduism, gems and jewelry are often presented to the gods in the form of temple offerings. These can be offerings that are part of a special ceremony or stand alone. It is believed that whoever brings the ruby as an offering to Lord Krishna will be reborn as a king in the next life.

Ancient Burmese

The ancient Burmese warriors admired the hardness of rubies. They cut a small incision in the body, and inserted small rubies into the wound. Think this will make your body equally hard.

ruby in religion

ruby in religion

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The Legend of Ruby

In ancient times, there was a beautiful princess—Najia. Because too many princes came to propose marriage, Princess Nadya came up with a way to refuse. Whoever can kill the ferocious “man-eating dragon” in the mountains, she is willing to marry that warrior. In this way, many princes who proposed marriage became the food of cannibal dragons. In the end, only a brave young man killed the cannibal dragon and suddenly became the Sun Prince. At this time, a magical light appeared, and three dragon eggs appeared. The first egg became the king of Burma, the second egg became the emperor of China, and the third egg became a ruby. Therefore, ruby is filled with a strong vitality and mystery, and is regarded as the embodiment of the phoenix.

Ruby Legend

Ruby Legend

Meaning of Ruby

Ruby has a crystal clear color. Let people associate it with love and dignity. Rubies are often used to symbolize beautiful love. Even if rubies of different colors come from different countries, red is always the messenger of beautiful love and good wishes. Wear a piece of ruby jewelry and let it witness your love.

The meaning of ruby

The meaning of ruby

The above is the background and root of ‘Ruby’ introduced by Normaltan Jewelry. Hope that gave you a little more insight into this beautiful gem.