Reveal the mystery of the February birthstone – Amethyst

Today, Normaltan Jewelry will work with you to reveal the mystery of the February birthstone – Amethyst.

mystery of the February birthstone – Amethyst2
  1. The meaning and symbol of amethyst

Amethyst is the noblest and most beautiful. Naturally transparent, Brazilian Amethyst represents spirituality, spirituality, and advanced love. It can be used as a symbol of the affection of the admirer. It is believed that amethyst can calm emotions and give courage and strength.

Amethyst can be used as a talisman in the traditional sense. It can usually drive away evil luck and enhance personal luck. It can also promote intelligence, improve intuition and memory, and give courage and strength. Amethyst emits a noble purple light, which is very helpful for socializing. Amethyst will make the inner temperament of the individual exude attractiveness so that people often meet noble people. When it is worn as jewelry, it can increase personal temperament.

Amethyst has three meanings:

  • Happy love makes the relationship between couples stronger and sweeter. Amethyst is the stone of love, often used as a token of love, implying sweet love, happiness, and happiness, suitable for couples to wear, can give each other courage and honesty, build a solid wall of iron for each other’s feelings, and make it more consolidated with sweetness.
  • Amethyst brings people a healthy body and calms people’s minds. Amethyst contains many wonderful elements and has beautiful meanings of peace, happiness, and well-being. Wearing amethyst for a long time can make people healthy and everything goes well.
  • Amethyst is placed at the entrance of the store, implying safe housing, a town shop, disaster relief, etc. Many shops will display a lucky cat in front of the store, and some shops will display amethyst ornaments. Because amethyst has the beautiful meaning of living in peace, attracting wealth, and town shop. It has the effect of gathering extravagance and bringing good luck.
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  1. Origin of Amethyst

Amethyst is produced in many countries in the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, South Korea, China, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. Among them, the amethyst produced in Brazil is the most, but the color is lighter; the amethyst produced in Zambia is of the best quality but contains more impurities; the amethyst produced in Madagascar has calcite and white clouds, so the price is the cheapest; the amethyst produced in Uruguay Amethyst has the highest color but is the most expensive.


A big country that produces amethyst has a large reserve of crystals. Its output and export volume account for 90% of the world’s total. There are many amethyst mines in Brazil, and the quality of amethyst produced is also diverse. Brazilian amethyst particles are usually large and mostly mountain-shaped. Cut from the middle, there are two amethyst holes. Therefore, Brazil is currently an important producer of amethyst caves in the world. Most of the crystals of Brazilian amethyst are lavender, or raw ore with black and lack of gorgeous feeling. Amethysts from southern Brazil are of higher quality and darker in color, while those from the north are lighter in color.


The amethyst produced has always been the most advanced purple tone in amethyst. This purple is not only very deep but also very delicate, with a burgundy “fire”. Most of the amethyst raw stones produced in Uruguay are block-shaped with small particles, which are more suitable for carving or inlaying small ornaments. However, the output of Uruguayan amethyst is very small, and production has almost ceased in recent years, but amethyst ornaments from Uruguay are indispensable in high-end jewelry stores all over the world.


The amethyst produced is also very dark in color, some even appear to be purplish black. However, Zambian amethyst’s original stones are generally small and have many flaws, and it is rare to see large pieces with good crystals. The Zambian amethyst in the market is usually a few-carat ring face or deep purple bracelet.


The above is the mystery of the February birthstone – amethyst, revealed by Normaltan Jewelry. Hope you get some insight into this unique gem.