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Platinum (Pt for short), is a naturally occurring white precious metal. It has always been considered one of the noblest metals, sought after by noble royal families. Therefore, in nature, platinum group elements, together with gold and silver, are collectively referred to as precious metal elements. But because of its purity and rarity, it is known as “love metal”.

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Gold (a precious metal composed of the chemical element silver (Au)), is dense, soft, corrosion-resistant, and has the highest ductility of any known metal. Therefore, it is the most expensive, because the characteristics of gold are the softest and most indestructible, so most jewelry will use K gold to achieve the required hardness, durability, and color.


Silver, a precious metal composed of the chemical element silver (Ag), has a pure white color and a strong metallic luster.

In ancient times, people have known to mine silver, because the amount of silver obtained by people at that time was very small, making it more expensive than gold.

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When titanium metal is used to make jewelry, the weight of titanium jewelry is only about 1/4 of that of traditional precious metals. Titanium is hard and textured. Using titanium as a material can greatly reduce the weight of the jewelry, making the experience of wearing high-end jewelry more enjoyable.

How to Clean Gold and Silver Jewelry

First of all, gold and silver have different cleaning methods due to their different physical and chemical properties.

Gold jewelry can be gently scrubbed with a softer brush. Or use a cotton ball dipped in soapy water and alcohol to scrub, and rinse with clean water after washing. But don’t use toothpaste or the like, because such products are very harmful to gold.

Silver is more delicate and chemically more active than gold. The most common phenomenon of silver jewelry is oxidation and blackening, which can be wiped with a silver cloth to remove surface oxides.

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