Topaz Meanings and Characteristics

November Birthstone

What is Topaz?

Topaz is a mineral containing fluoro aluminosilicate components. Formed by vapors emitted during the crystallization of igneous rocks. Columnar or irregular grains. The colors are yellow, blue, green, red, brown, and colorless, and will fade under prolonged exposure to sunlight. Topaz has a vitreous luster and is often associated with tin ore.

What is Topaz

Physical properties of topaz


Name Topaz
Varieties Imperial Topaz, Mystic Topaz
Crystal Characteristics Crystallographic orthorhombic system.
Refractive index 1.607-1.649
Color Colorless, White, Gray, Light to Medium Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellowish Brown, Orange, Pale Pink, Dark Pink, Tan, Beige, and Red.
Glossy Glass
Hardness 8
Birefringence factor 0.008-0.011
Emission type Fluorescent, long UV, short UV, X-ray color

Topaz Physical Properties

November Birthstone

Topaz, the traditional November birthstone, is a popular gemstone. But it comes in a variety of colors, including colorless. The rarest are natural pinks, reds, and golden oranges. It comes from the Sanskrit word for “fire” and was originally called “Topazios”. Originated from Zabajad Island in the Red Sea. This small island is shrouded in thick fog all year round, making it difficult to spot.

Birthstone for November

Topaz Story

Bible New Testament

There is a story related to topaz in the “Bible New Testament”. The story says: John, a disciple of Jesus, once severely rebuked King Herod, saying, “It is unreasonable for you to marry your brother’s wife!” The revenge of humiliation. Because of John’s high status in the hearts of the people, he is often regarded as a prophet. King Herod could only put John in prison, but could not kill him.

King Herod had a daughter named Salome, who was deeply favored by her father. Under the urging of her mother Herodias, her daughter asked King Herod to kill John. King Herod felt very embarrassed, so he took out some precious gems and gave them to his daughter. King Herod wanted to persuade his daughter to give up her request to “kill John”.

From this story of Topaz and John, one can see the religious status of Topaz. It was a very precious jewel of the royal family at that time.

Ancient India Legend

According to legend, on the battlefield of ancient India. Soldiers put topaz in the mouths of people dying from severe injuries and lack of water. Thereby, the wounded can be relieved of pain, and time for treatment can be gained.

The Story of Topaz

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