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Mermaid Sapphire: The Big Stone for Engagement Rings

Today Normaltan Jewelry presents to you ‘Mermaid Sapphire: The Big Stone for Engagement Rings’.

Mermaid Sapphire

Why are they called “mermaids”?

Luminous Gem Queen

According to legend, in the deep seabed, there is aquamarine with the energy of seawater surge. Cherished by mermaids, these gems emit mystical powers when exposed to sunlight. Because of the blue color of the water of life, aquamarine symbolizes the beginning of spring, and is also regarded as the birthstone of March, and it can be called “like a fish in water” with Pisces in March. This kind of blue gem-like sea water, its English name Aquamarine, originally means “sea water” in Latin. It also has many charming nicknames. For example: ‘Mermaid Stone’ is as transparent and beautiful as the bubbles that rise when a mermaid in mythology appears in the sea. Because it is brighter and more transparent under the light at night than during the day, people call it the “Queen of Luminous Gems”.

Ancient greek legends

In ancient Greek legends, the legend of aquamarine can capture the soul and essence of the ocean. Therefore, Greece has the custom of engraving the image of Poseidon on aquamarine and worshiping it. The ancient Romans regarded aquamarine as a talisman of immortality. And believe it can bring back old love.

Why is it called “The Perfect Engagement Ring Gemstone”?

Many young adults today are looking for alternatives to classic diamonds when shopping for engagement rings. In general, sapphires are an excellent choice of stone for engagement rings. At the same time, sapphire perfectly combines beauty and durability, presents a variety of different colors, and has a wide price range.

Sapphire also has many romantic associations, making it a perfect stone for engagement rings. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, auspiciousness, nobility, city, love, and steadfastness, and is said to bring good luck to the wearer.

  • Loyalty:

Sapphire means loyalty and constancy. Because sapphire is extremely stable, its texture and color will not change after long-term wearing. Giving it to a loved one can express your loyalty to love.

  • Auspiciousness:

Sapphire means auspiciousness. Its color is very beautiful, the overall crystal clear, very rare. In ancient times, people believed that sapphire had a mysterious and supernatural color. It is often used as an indispensable tribute for religious ceremonies.

  • Nobility:

Sapphire also implies noble status. Because it has been an accessory that symbolizes status since ancient times, ordinary people cannot wear it. Sapphires are often inlaid on the crown and scepter of power. Sapphires and diamonds are among the top five rare gemstones in the world.

  • Honesty:

Sapphire means honesty. It is believed that no matter how much weather the sapphire has experienced, its color will not change in essence. Therefore, Western gentlemen wear sapphires on their bodies, which symbolizes a kind of perseverance and commitment that will never change their original intentions.

  • Love:

Sapphire means love. The ethereal color of sapphire can gradually calm people’s hearts. It has a soothing effect, and at the same time it can remind people of the warmth of the past, and it symbolizes happiness.

  • Constancy:

Sapphire means constancy. Sapphire has high hardness and is not easy to leave scratches on the surface. Wearing it on the body symbolizes the unyielding and tenacious fighting spirit. In ancient Western countries, it was a reward given to knights by lords.

We firmly believe that every unique love story deserves a unique expression. For those looking for a distinctive and memorable engagement ring, teal sapphires are a great choice. Plus, their durability and affordability make them an excellent choice.

How rare are Mermaid Sapphires?

Although sapphires can be found all over the world, blue sapphires are found in only a few regions. Australia is the main producer. The US state of Montana is where these sapphires were first discovered and considered a unique variety. And it remains an important source of blue sapphires. There are also large deposits in Madagascar and Nigeria. Mermaid is the rarest blue-green sapphire. Less than 5% of blue-green sapphires have a 50-50 blue-green ratio to qualify as Mermaid Sapphires.

The above is the mermaid sapphire introduced by Normaltan Jewelry. Hope you can learn more about sapphire.