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What are the colors that jewelry consumers are most loyal to?

As part of the consumer psychology research specification, Normaltan Jewelry conducted questions and answers on “age group consumption” and “color consumption” test papers for jewelry consumers, and the following statistical data were obtained after the question and answer test of thousands of men and women.

Age Percentage of Jewelry Consumers

The proportions of jewelery consumers in different age groups are: 9.5% for those under 22 years old.14.5% for those aged 22-28.58% for consumers aged 29-40.18% for consumers over 40 years old.

From the research report that middle-aged people are the main group in the jewelry consumption market. Consumers of different ages have different requirements for jewelry individuation.For example: style, craftsmanship, color and price. According to the survey, jewelry has gradually transitioned from a luxury product for collection and value preservation to a consumer product in demand by the public. From the traditional function of “preservation of value” to “aesthetics and enjoyment”. In terms of buying habits, it has gradually shifted from shopping mall counters to specialty stores and online stores.

Proportion of consumers in each age group

Proportion of consumers in each age group

Jewelry colors preferred by consumers

Obviously, when people plan to consume a certain kind of jewelry, they first consider the color factor, followed by quality, material and other factors.

Especially when the price of two kinds of jewelry is the same, people usually give priority to choosing the color they like more. After research, it was found that people’s preference for color is closely related to his personality traits.

That is to say, when everyone observes the color of jewelry, the subconscious mind will give each color a symbolic meaning.

According to the illustration above, there are not a few people who like blue jewelry. For the “blue” jewelry psychology, we simply do some analysis:

In fact, when people see blue, the first thing people think of is the color of the sky, because there are birds flying in the sky, so people who like blue tend to yearn for freedom more. As a cool color, it gives people a calm and cool feeling.

In daily life, people who like blue can often do things according to the requirements and standards of others. But it does not rule out occasionally being too focused on “step by step”. Everything is measured by a “degree”. If you follow the rules too much, you will inevitably give people a cold feeling, which will affect the first impression of people around you.

Proportion of jewelry colors preferred by jewelry consumers

Proportion of jewelry colors preferred by jewelry consumers

According to the color consumption chart above, which category do you belong to? Is color the first factor in your jewelry selection? Maybe you can make some simple judgments about your personality through the color of jewelry you have purchased.