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Jewelry collocation money saving rules

Jewelry collocation money saving

As summer approaches, all you beauty-loving ladies begin to dress more delicately. From clothes, hairstyles, body management, and Jewelry matching tips, you can show your personality. When it comes to jewelry matching, N.J. will briefly summarize the most basic and commonly used Jewelry collocation money saving rules from several aspects.

1.Do subtraction on the type of jewelry

It is the kind that does the subtraction, not the quantity. When we wear jewelry, we can choose at most 3 types. Too much jewelry matching will give people a messy feeling; on the other hand, if the matching is not complete, it will be counterproductive. Therefore, learn to do subtraction first.

For everyone, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. are the most basic and common types, so you can freely choose 1-3 types for matching in daily life.

2.Matching of different series

The color and texture are uniform

Jewelry can be classified according to color, category, style, etc., so N.J. recommends that you match several kinds according to your suit and preferences as daily collocations, which will not only save time but also have excellent results when going out.

Suit your skin color

You can match 1-2 sets of jewelry that suit your skin color according to your skin color. Sisters with warm tones can choose gold-based collocations, sisters with cool-toned colors can choose silver-based collocations, and pinkish-toned skin can choose rose gold-based collocations.

Color matched

Each color can be matched with: necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. The selection of styles and styles should be the same, and the key points should also be highlighted. For example, warm color matching, limited choice of K gold matching, can be ‘glossy, plain ring’ and simple ring earrings, but the matching necklace will be prominent, and there will be K gold and diamond pendants to highlight the key points.

Tips: For white-collar workers or salaried sisters, you can choose a set with a simple and versatile style. If you wear this kind of necklace or bracelet in your daily life, you don’t need to take it off. If you are in a hurry to go out one day and forget other accessories, use a single accessory. It is also very good, and it is also a very cheap way.

3.Seasonal principle

Just like the lipstick you choose, different shades are suitable for different seasons, and the same is true for jewelry. Gold and dark styles are very suitable for autumn and winter, while bright colors and diamond styles can be matched in spring and summer.

As summer is approaching, I would like to recommend a few summer categories and elements: pearls, diamonds, and light-colored or colored gemstones can all be your first choice in summer, and you can’t go wrong, so you can choose with confidence.

4.Clothing matching

Jewelry is a daily accessory, while makeup, hairstyle, clothing, and jewelry are all integrated, and these elements will together create your personality.

Of course, mix-and-match styles are very popular, and this style has high requirements for our aesthetics, temperament, and other aspects. If you are in doubt about your style, you can choose conservative collocation.

Therefore, the choice of accessories should take into account the matching of clothing. It is recommended that you do not match according to every clothing style or every set of clothes. We mainly choose according to the styles you have the most in your daily life. We need to consider jewelry and clothing as a whole, the style, texture, and color of the clothing, and then choose a suitable style of jewelry to match.

5.One accessory is enough

A set of outfits, embellished with a very strong style of accessories, can have a very good effect. First of all, you need to examine the senior style. Only when you have a full understanding of your preferred style can you choose the right jewelry to match your clothing? You can try to start with a piece of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Choose something that you are most willing to wear every day, and let it set off your temperament all the time.

6.suggestions for earrings

With a perfect face shape, you can choose earrings as you like. Among the many earring styles, there are two that deserve extra attention, one is the simple and elegant stud earrings, and the other is the exaggerated large earrings. If you are planning to buy pearl earrings, the first selection factors should be the flaws, roundness, and color of the pearls. As for choosing seawater pearls or freshwater pearls, it all depends on your budget. Pearl light is the soul of pearls, and pearls with strong luster can set off your face very softly.

7.Choice of studs

Small stud earrings can frame your pretty face. Try to choose simple styles, pearls, diamonds, and gemstones are all excellent. And the big earrings with exaggerated shapes, the color and shape are all attention-grabbing, which can help you stand out from the crowd.

In short, ‘Jewelry collocation money saving rules’ needs to pay attention to many aspects. Through the above tips, I believe it can help you find the principles and skills of jewelry matching that suit you. The above are the jewelry money-saving rules summarized by Normaltan Jewelry for you, hoping to help you when purchasing jewelry.The above are the jewelry money-saving rules summarized by Normaltan Jewelry for you, hoping to help you when purchasing jewelry.If you have any other question,pls contact us @ could get our support always.

Jewelry collocation money saving