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Choosing a diamond ring is a very important link for customers who plan to buy a diamond ring. But there will be some troubles in the early stage of the purchase: in order to surprise the wearer of the ring, the buyer does not want to ask the other party’s finger size directly. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the size of the wearer’s finger in advance. How to accurately measure finger size? Normaltan Jewelry brings you the correct measurement method for the ring size.

The Meaning of the Ring

We know that the sublimation of emotion can represent its meaning through the ring. A ring is a very special ornament. If you receive a ring from someone else and wear it on your finger, it means that the relationship between each other will definitely have a qualitative leap. Rings represent the sincerest feelings between each other, and can also express the affirmation of each other’s relationship. Rings are exclusive and private, and usually, only very close people may give rings to each other. Rings can represent changes in relationships Rings have different meanings for different wearing occasions. For example, the love between couples symbolizes fiery emotions for each other. For newlyweds who step into the marriage hall, the ring expresses their commitment to each other. Of course, many buyers wear rings to match their clothes and show their personal temperament.

The Meaning of Giving a Ring

From a conventional point of view, the meaning of giving a ring means a marriage proposal, or it means that the opposite sex expresses favor to oneself. Therefore, the ring cannot be given to others casually, it needs to be sincere. The ring has another meaning. Wearing a ring, in addition to the role of daily matching clothing, also represents people’s identity and status, and has a binding meaning. For example, matching a wedding ring means that the two parties have entered the marriage hall or are engaged. The ring worn on the right thumb symbolizes status, wealth, and so on. Therefore, ring buyers need to clarify the meaning and use of the ring before buying the ring to avoid misunderstandings.

The Meaning of Wearing Rings on Different Fingers

Wearing rings on different fingers will produce different indications. Wearing a ring on the thumb is generally used by the wearer to show their power and status. Wearing the ring on the index finger means that you have no partner, are single and are looking for a partner. Wearing the ring on the middle finger means that the wearer is currently in love and may be engaged. So many couples prefer to wear the ring on the middle finger. Wearing a ring on the ring finger, the wearer is a symbol of a married person who has established a family. If the ring is worn on the ring finger, it is a fashionista, which means freedom and unrestraint.

The jewelry experts at Normaltan have created the following ring size guide, which includes a ring size chart and measurements(ring measurement guide.pdf) for your reference.

Measure with our printable ‘Ring measurement guide’, which provides exact diameter data with corresponding ring sizes and international ring sizes. Help you quickly find the right size.

How to measure ring size with string, paper, or a ruler

To ensure the accuracy of the measurement value, please use a non-elastic rope and paper or a soft ruler for the measurement.

In our experience, a size 6 is especially popular among women’s ring sizes. Among men’s ring sizes, size 9 is especially popular.

If you can’t find the size you need, please contact

ring diameter

How to measure ring diameter:

1. Wrap the rope or paper around the base of the finger.

2. Mark the intersection with a pen.

3. Measure the strip of paper with a ruler (mm) and divide by 3.14 (or pi) to get the ring diameter.

4. Select the closest ring size from the ring size chart.


1. Use a vernier caliper to measure the length of the inner ring of other rings.

2. The ring should fit snugly around the finger and be loose enough so that it slides over the knuckle with relative ease.

3. If the knuckle is thicker than the base of the finger, measure both places and choose a size in between.

4. Please measure in the evening when your fingers are relatively warm. Avoid finger measurements in the morning and when the weather is colder because the finger size will become smaller during these periods.

5. Measure 3 to 4 times, take the measurement data’s average value, and strive to improve the accuracy.

What if my ring needs to be resized?

To ensure a perfect fit, your ring may be slightly thicker or thinner after resizing. These small changes are generally invisible to the naked eye.

Normaltan’s expert jewelry artisans follow strict quality standards to ensure that your resized ring will fit better without losing any of its beauty. After a ring is resized, it will be thoroughly cleaned and polished before being shipped to you.

Friendly reminder: Many customers are most concerned about the size before buying a ring, after all, it is related to the later wearing effect. Although size is a very important aspect when buying a ring, the meaning of the ring is equally important. Only when the wearer understands the meaning of the romantic and precious ring, can it be the most suitable token of love. Each diamond ring represents  love, promises to give it to only one person in a lifetime, and also covers people’s expectations for beautiful emotions. Accompanied for a lifetime, for a lifetime, such a ring is a symbol of true love.