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How to match the ruby necklace correctly

How to match the ruby necklace correctly

How to match the ruby necklace correctly? The beauty of ruby has been recognized and known by the world. Its color usually makes people feel that it is a warm color. In addition to paying attention to matching with clothing, you must also choose according to your appearance and body shape. Here are some tips to wear a ruby necklace.

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Ruby Necklace Wearing Precautions

Ruby necklace. In the process of matching jewelry, the most important thing is to pay attention to the benefits of matching, especially the matching of ruby necklaces. It must be comprehensively matched with the wearer’s skin color, clothing, face shape, hairstyle, etc., echoing and setting off each other, to show the best collocation effect.

Female friends with petite stature and round faces should choose a simple and smart ruby necklace. The best length of the necklace is a long style, which can achieve the effect of overall stretching and make the wearer look tall and dusty.

Tall, plump women will wear some gorgeous ruby necklaces with oversized pendants.

For female friends who are well-proportioned and fashion-forward, the ruby necklace with fashionable style, exquisite shape, and personality is their best partner, and the slightly fancy ruby pendant can show their personality and liveliness.

Female friends who often attend important banquets should customize some gorgeous and noble ruby necklaces according to their evening dresses. It is best to wear some ruby earrings and ruby rings to highlight their charm.

Ruby Necklace Wearing Match

Ruby necklaces are suitable for various occasions. A more formal banquet can be matched with a black low-cut dress, black lady high heels, and a small patent leather lady handbag. If you usually go to work or go shopping, you can choose white or beige clothes to match. A low-necked top can better allow the ruby to stick directly to the skin so that the gem will look very bright and show your noble temperament.

How to match the ruby necklace correctly

Contraindications for Ruby Necklaces

Ruby necklace wearing taboo

When exercising or doing heavy and intense sports, it is best not to wear ruby jewelry, because ruby is still very delicate, so as not to cause irreparable damage due to collision. It is necessary to prevent the ruby ​​from being stained with the oil and sweat secreted by the human body. The oil and sweat will corrode the surface of the gem, which will make the ruby lose its luster. When storing gemstones, be careful not to place ruby jewelry and other jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box at will. Because various gemstones and metals have different hardness, they will cause wear due to mutual friction. wear due to mutual friction.