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How to match the gemstone jewelry correctly?

to match the gemstone jewelry

How to match gemstone jewelry? Normaltan Jewelry would like to dive deeper into the concept behind ‘How to match the gemstone jewelry correctly?

Let’s Discover the art of matching gemstone jewelry: Learn how to elevate your jewelry pairing with tips on choosing stones and styles to complement your style.

1.The definition of gemstone jewelry?

Gemstone jewelry, also known as gemstone jewelry, is the general term for all gemstone jewelry in the gemstone jewelry family. The most common-gemstone jewelry includes crystal, agate, tourmaline, amber, etc., which are favored by many for their suitability for decoration. The most valuable-gemstone jewelry, such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, cat’s eye, etc., are listed as the world’s top five stone jewelry along with diamonds. Gemstones usually have a glass-like luster and are transparent and bright. Like diamonds, the weight of gemstone jewelry such as rubies can be calculated in carats. It is reported that.

2.Collocation of gemstone jewelry and skin tones

a) People with fair complexion

Appropriate: Gemstone jewelry with slightly brighter and darker colors, such as garnet, red tourmaline, amethyst, etc., are most suitable for fair-skinned people.

b) People with a yellowish complexion

Appropriate: Green and purple color gems will make your skin look bright, such as peridot and amethyst.

c) People with a reddish complexion

Appropriate: On your skin, topaz and peridot will be brighter.

d) People with dark skin

Suitable for wearing gorgeous gemstone jewelry, or rough-style sculpture jewelry; also suitable for wearing mid-tone gemstone jewelry such as citrine and topaz, which can play a good role in lightening skin tone.

3.Collocation of gemstone jewelry and clothing

a) Black is the best foil for all gemstone jewelry.

Black is the best foil for all colored gems. If you add the corresponding belt, bag, shoes, and other colors, it will be light and natural. Adding gems to the whole outfit will achieve a better effect. Choose the same color as the gem of the clothing, clothing tone is lighter than the gem, do not let the clothes cover the gem luster. Clothes come in different colors and styles. Gemstones express feminine charm. Life gems and clothing collocation should be carefully studied. Only reasonable collocation, in order to reflect the value of the gem. Only reasonable collocation can show the actual effect of clothing collocation, all the elements, whether it is black gems or clothes, are to set off your distinctive temperament. Convenient for you to access various social occasions, effectively establish your image in the crowd, become a dazzling star, and highlight personal charm and attraction.

b) Ruby/Sapphire/Pink Gemstone

Ruby matches with green or blue clothes,sapphire matches with orange, red and yellow, yellow will be dazzling against the purple and blue clothes, and pink gemstone jewelry is dotted with yellow-green and blue-green clothes to look charming.

c) When wearing a gemstone jewelry necklace

Be careful not to let the gemstone jewelry be positioned at the junction of the skin and the clothes.

d) Color and texture of the clothes

If the color and texture of the clothes are fuller than the stones, the stones need to be larger to complement each other.

4.Matching skills of gemstone jewelry

a) Light-colored clothes

If you usually like to wear light-colored clothes, then when choosing a gemstone jewelry pendant, don’t choose too bright and bright colors. Enchanting and flamboyant colors such as rubies will make the overall match very abrupt, while some relatively simple gemstone jewelry can Play a balancing effect so that your temperament reveals a touch of charm from freshness and elegance.

b)Dark-colored clothes

If you have a special liking for dark-colored clothes, then when choosing gemstone jewelry, you can safely and boldly choose those types that are colorful and eye-catching. Bright and bright gemstone jewelry will make your temperament transcend the world, and dazzling gemstone jewelry The pendant makes your beauty and luxury engraved on it.

c)Dressing occasion

If you stay in the office for a long time and usually wear professional clothes, then the gemstone jewelry pendant you choose must match your professional clothes. You can choose some relatively small and exquisite, simple lines and colorful classic pendant that looks confident and sophisticated.

d)Casual clothing

If you usually wear casual clothes, you can choose some garnet pendants in plain colors. Exaggerated colors will only destroy the overall beauty. To preserve the relaxed and casual temperament, gemstone jewelry pendants must not be too gorgeous.

5.The matching of the stone to the environment

a) Occupational wear

The elderly can choose dark gemstone jewelry, the more stable the position, the more suitable to wear dark gemstone jewelry. If your occupation is a little lighter, you can choose some brighter colors.

b) Occasion wear

It is suitable to wear brightly colored jewelry on vacation, and to wear a cocktail ring at a reception, the bigger the more beautiful it must be. If attending an important occasion, wearing a set (stud earrings, earrings, rings) will maximize the effect of gemstone jewelry. If you attend casual occasions, just wear one, which can be the finishing touch.

c) Color matching

contrasting color matching and same color matching. For example, if you wear orange or yellow clothes, you can wear blue jewelry, such as topaz, aquamarine, sapphire, and tanzanite. You can choose these colors; For a very light beige or earth-tone outfit, you might choose citrine, citrine, or orange fantasy tone. But if you wear all white, then your jewelry must be differentiated, the brighter the color, the better.

to match the gemstone jewelry