match Gemstones with clothes and makeup

How to Match Gems with Clothes and Makeup

Normaltan Jewelry would like to dive deeper into the concept behind ‘Match Gemstones with clothes and makeup’.

1.How to match Gemstones with clothes and makeup?

Normaltan Jewelry would like show some ways to match gemstones perfectly with your outfits:

a.Gemstones are matched with clothing of the same color.

Only when the gems are perfectly integrated into the overall clothing will there be a good embellishment effect. The easiest way to match is to choose clothes of the same color as the gemstones, but it must be noted that the color of the clothes should be lighter or darker than the gemstones, to avoid covering up the brilliance of the gemstones with bright clothes.

b.The combination of gemstones and complementary color clothing.

If you want to try a bolder collocation, you can choose complementary colors, such as ruby with green or blue clothes; or sapphire with orange, red and yellow; Green and blue-green clothes are more charming. The echo of the line shape is equally important, and the overall style should be coordinated and unified.

c.Gems with black clothing.

Black is a better foil for all colored gemstones, whether it is red, blue, yellow, or pink, but if you don’t pay attention to details, it will inevitably be monotonous. If you could add other colors of belts, bags, and shoes as embellishments, the overall effect will be more natural.

Gems and makeup matching skills

2.Gems and makeup matching skills

Makeup shades range from cool to warm, and so do gemstone shades. For example, yellow gemstones, if they are more golden yellow, have a warmer tone, which is naturally suitable for warm-color makeup such as coffee; while ordinary yellow with a cool tone is suitable for cool-color makeup such as pink and purple.

The matching of gems and lipsticks. The choice of lipstick is also very important. If the color of the gemstone is clear and bright, you may wish to choose a lipstick with pearlescent effects; if the color of the gemstone is full and deep, it is suitable for a lipstick with high color saturation.

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