match amethyst jewelry with clothing

How to match amethyst jewelry with clothing?

How to match amethyst jewelry with clothing? Normaltan Jewelry will discuss with you about the collocation of amethyst clothing.

‘How does amethyst jewelry go with clothing? ’ is something that many women want to learn.The design of crystal jewelry is divided by color system. Even if it is the same type of natural crystal, its color has different shades.

How to show your charm on the street? A pair of amethyst earrings may help you. It can make you wear low-key luxury, and let you show sweet and lovely temperament in every gesture.

Dresses are an everyday must-have, and they’re perfect with amethyst as an accessory. If you like the style on your wrist, then an amethyst bracelet is the best match.The simple and elegant style can well set off your noble temperament.The tone of the clothes should be lighter or darker than the crystal, don’t let the bright clothes cover up the brilliance of the crystal.

1.Black Color

Black is a perfect complement to any colored crystal. If you add corresponding adjustments such as belts, bags, shoes, etc. of other colors, it will be lighter and more natural.

2.Bold collocation

Available in complementary colours. Such as red crystal with green or blue clothes. Blue crystal and orange, red, yellow glow. Yellow will look dazzling against purple and blue clothing. Pink crystals are embellished with yellow-green and blue-green clothes to make them more charming.

3.line shape

The echo of line shapes is equally important, and the overall style must be coordinated and unified whether rigid or soft. One point is for the necklace, be careful not to let the crystal position be at the junction of the skin and the clothes.

if it cannot be completely exposed to the skin, just let it be completely in the color block of the clothes.Especially when wearing black , white, gray and other flat-colored clothes.

If the necklace is right between the neck and the collar, the effect will not be good.

In addition, if the color and texture of the clothes are fuller than the crystal, and the crystal is larger, it will complement each other. But can someone like this really cultivate to the top level?

4.With light-colored clothing

In fact, purple itself is a clear color, wearing an amethyst necklace will brighten the skin tone and embellish the figure. Amethyst necklaces with light-colored clothing can make a woman’s outfit more bright. so it will attract the attention of many people.

Amethyst necklaces are also good with off-the-shoulder or tube top dresses. It make women’s overall dress have a mysterious and elegant temperament. It is a glamorous color.This is reason women are willing to wear amethyst necklaces when they attend various parties. Wearing amethyst necklaces will definitely give you a special feeling.