amethyst earrings

How to choose your amethyst earrings

Normaltan Jewelry would like to dive deeper into the concept behind ‘How to choose your amethyst earrings?’

How to choose amethyst earring

A. Match earrings according to face shape

a)Weasel face: round or rounded amethyst earrings within medium length can add fullness to the face shape, so it is your best choice.

b) Round face: Square or angular amethyst earrings will better highlight your temperament and effectively bring out the delicacy of your facial features.

B. Match earrings according to body shape

a) Ladies with a plump bodies can choose amethyst stud earrings and earrings with a slightly elongated effect, which can further enhance your femininity.

b) For petite ladies, if you choose earrings with small point-shaped earrings, they will look elegant, delicate, and exquisite.

c) Tall cuties wear full-bodied amethysts. Or large amethyst earrings, the charm is very prominent.

How to wear and maintain amethyst earrings

How to maintain the amethyst earrings we wear every day, here are 4 methods for reference:

a) Sea salt immersion method:

Put the spar into a cup of salt water with an appropriate amount of sea salt (or coarse salt), and soak for three to four hours to dissolve the magnetic field around the spar.

b) Sea salt burial method:

Just bury the spar directly in the sea salt (or coarse salt) pile for several hours to purify the magnetic field of the spar.

c) Water purification method:

You can put the spar under the tap and rinse it for about 20 minutes, which can balance the negative energy of the spar.

d) Crystal cluster purification method:

put the spar on the crystal cluster, charge the spar through the energy emitted by the crystal cluster, and at the same time remove the impurities of the crystal to achieve the effect of dispelling the magnetic field of the crystal.