How to Choose Topaz and Tips for wearing topaz

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wearing topaz

How to choose Topaz?

Topaz has the following classifications:
1.Red topaz

Red topaz has a high value and is currently only produced in a small part of the Brazilian state of Minas. Because its production is very rare, the value is also very high.

2.Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz, also known as Shirley Topaz, is named because its color resembles the wine produced in Spain. Its color is mainly yellow and brown, and the brown components are orange and orange red. Imperial topaz is valued for its color and concentration.

3.Pink topaz

Pink topaz is mainly produced by irradiation and heat treatment of yellow and brown topaz. Mostly pink, light red to light purple or violet. Natural deep pink topaz is the most sought after, but this type of topaz is very rare. Topaz with high purity and few brown or black blemishes is more precious.

4.Yellow topaz

Although yellow topaz is not as rich in color as imperial topaz, its color is lemon golden yellow. But his rich palette keeps his value high.

5.Blue topaz

Except for Brazil, blue topaz is produced in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia and other places, and the particle size is large. It is worth mentioning that blue topaz is almost the most transparent and aesthetically pleasing among topaz.

wearing topaz

Tips for wearing topaz

Usually wearing topaz should pay attention to sunlight, strong light will make topaz fade.

When we are exercising or doing heavy work, try not to wear topaz jewelry to avoid damage caused by collision. Be careful not to put it together with other hard jewelry or hard objects if you don’t wear it. Rubbing against each other can also cause damage.

Wearing topaz jewelry for a long time will be stained with oil and sweat from the human body, thus losing its luster. Therefore, it is best to clean it once a month. The cleaning method is very simple. According to its hardness, you can use a brush or a soft cloth to clean it. Wait for it to be cleaned.

Benefits of Wearing Topaz

a) Topaz, as the birthstone of November, is known as the “Stone of Friendship”. It represents sincere and persistent love, symbolizes beauty and intelligence; it symbolizes abundance, can eliminate fatigue, and help rebuild confidence.

b) Topaz is bright and bright in color and has a seductive charm. It is used to make topaz glasses, which are wear-resistant. Drivers wear them in rainy weather or at night, which can improve the visibility of objects and increase the safety factor. Topaz is often used for Make ring face, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories.

c) People have always believed that topaz can cure eye diseases. Soak topaz in wine for three days and three nights, and then use it to massage the sick eyes. good curative effect.

d) Natural topaz helps to enhance the wearer’s expressive ability and persuasiveness, helps the wearer to enhance his personal confidence, and enables the wearer to deal with things calmly and successfully solve it when encountering difficulties. Topaz can also improve respiratory and tracheal diseases.