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How to choose Amethyst Earrings

How to choose Amethyst Earrings

Normaltan Jewelry would like to dive deeper into the concept behind how to choose the ‘Amethyst Earrings’.

How to choose Amethyst Earrings?Normaltan Jewelry introduces several precautions for choosing amethyst earrings:

a) The material of the earrings:

Generally speaking, the more popular are platinum and K gold and gold. But choosing amethyst earrings at this stage will also be your good choice. Choose the noble and elegant gesture of the amethyst.

b) Choose amethyst earrings according to your face shape:

The round face shape is mainly to choose the method of choosing earrings and earrings when choosing because the choice of earrings can make the face three-dimensional, and the overall outline of the face makes the face look more beautiful.

The face shape of the square face itself is clear edges and corners, so you must choose earrings or earrings. In terms of shape, you must choose a round and gentle style and embellish the facial contour advantages.

The oval face shape is very standard. The selected amethyst earrings have a wide range. Basic all styles and methods are suitable for you.

Maintenance of Amethyst Earrings

Whether you use the crystal as an accessory or crystal energy practice, you need to clean the crystal before it can be effectively used. Because the crystal is passed from the moment of mining until it is passed on to your hands, through contact with different people on the way, the crystal is likely to accumulate a large number of negative energies of the predecessors.

Therefore, before wearing and using it, we need to demagnetize it to remove the accumulated negative energy and achieve the best use effect. Don’t touch others, especially those who have had bad luck or love recently. If you touch it, don’t bring it for the time being. You need to get rid of the magnetic.

How to choose Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings is a symbol of noble, and wearing amethyst earrings will inevitably make you look noble and elegant. But earrings need to be maintained, especially amethyst. Maintain your amethyst earrings that maintain you’re noble and elegant.