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Exploring the Origins of Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine

Origins of Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Gemstones?What’s the difference between sapphire and aquamarine? Many friends encounter similar doubts when buying jewelry. Today, N.J. will discuss the difference between the them.


1.The Legend of Aquamarine

    • The first legend of natural aquamarine:

There is a group of mermaids living in the blue seabed. They usually use aquamarine as their own ornaments to dress themselves up. Once they encounter a critical moment, they only need to let the gemstones receive the sunlight. You can get a secret power. As a result, aquamarine has another nickname, “Stunning Fish Stone”, and this coincides with Pisces in March.

    • The second legend of Aquamarine:

It is a legend about love. In ancient Greek mythology, there was a wind god named Roland, who was handsome but humble. Later, he fell in love with a mortal woman. It was not allowed in the God Realm, but he did not hesitate to sacrifice his life in order to be loyal to his love. Before he died, Roland begged Venus, the God of Love, to seal his soul in aquamarine as the birthstone of people born in March, and bless people to find their love.

Therefore, people in Mediterranean countries like to wear aquamarine very much, looking forward to having sweet love and maintaining a happy marriage. Interestingly, however, there is another saying about aquamarine in terms of feelings, that is, wearing it is beneficial to extramarital affairs and can increase the index of love affairs. These sounds quite exciting to some people, but it is unknown whether they are effective or not. up.

    • The third legend of Aquamarine:

It is a story about mermaids. According to the legend, a group of mermaids live in the blue seabed. They usually use aquamarines as their ornaments to dress themselves up. Let the gems receive sunlight, and you can get mysterious powers to help you. Therefore, aquamarine also has another name “mermaid stone”.

sapphire and aquamarine

2.The legend of sapphire

  • The word Sapphire comes from Latin and means “precious to Saturn”.

Christians often engrave the Ten Commandments of Christianity on sapphire as the treasure of the town religion. It is said that it can protect kings and monarchs from harm and jealousy, and is the most suitable gemstone for priests’ ring crowns. The Persians believed that the earth was supported by a huge sapphire, and it was the reflection of the sapphire that made the sky blue.

  • According to legend, sapphire can remove dirt and foreign matter in the eyes.

In 1391, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London received a sapphire as a gift. The donor requested that the sapphire be displayed on the StoErkinwald Temple to treat eye diseases and announce the therapeutic effect.

  • It is the traditional birthstone for September.

Sapphire has long been regarded as a symbol of honesty and dignity,. The 45th wedding anniversary is called a sapphire wedding. The top emblem of the third-rank officials in the Qing Dynasty was also sapphire.

In Sri Lanka, known as the “Island of Gems”, there is a story about Starlight Gems: Long, long ago, there was a young man named Banda, who was brave and righteous. For the sake of the peace of the people, in a fight with the devil, He turned himself into a huge flying arrow and pierced deeply into the throat of the Demon King. The vicious Demon King struggled desperately before dying, so that he smashed a corner of the sky, causing many stars in the sky to fall, some of them Stars stained with the demon king’s blood turned into star rubies, and stars not stained with blood became star sapphires.

3. Exploring the Origins of Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine Gemstones 

Although there is only one letter difference between sapphire and aquamarine, they are two completely different minerals.

  • Different birthstones

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, corresponding to the throat chakra; sapphire is the birthstone of September.

  • Different colors

Aquamarine is crystal, while sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc. are gemstones. Aquamarine A beryl that is sky blue to sea blue or greenish blue in color. Sapphire is beautiful and transparent gem-grade corundum, and in real life, gem-grade corundum in nature except red is called ruby, and other colors such as blue, light blue, green, yellow, gray, colorless, etc. Both are called sapphires.

  • Different mineral content

Aquamarine is called beryl in mineralogy.

It is a transparent beryl crystal and is a “relative” with the beautiful emerald. Beryl is a silicate, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, the molecular formula is Be3Al2[Si6O18], and the common crystal shape is hexagonal cylinder, followed by hexagonal single cone. Its Mohs hardness is 7.5, its density is 2.68-2.80 grams per cubic centimeter, it is glassy, transparent to translucent. The refractive index is 1.567-1.590, and the birefringence is 0.005-0.007. Beryl has a more pronounced pleochroism, ranging from blue to blue-green. The value of Shanghai sapphire is far less precious than sapphire.

Sapphire is a kind of corundum.

Sapphire is a gem-grade corundum with better color saturation and better transparency. Sapphire and ruby are “relatives”, and ruby is also one of the top five gemstones in the world. The English name of sapphire is sapphire, which comes from Latin and translates as blue. But in fact, sapphire is the general term for all colors of corundum except red ruby in the corundum stone family. Sapphire has many different colors, such as blue, deep blue, green, yellow, gray, colorless and so on. The chemical composition of sapphire is aluminum oxide (Al2O3), which belongs to the trigonal crystal system. The crystal shape is often cylindrical, short columnar, plate and so on. Transparent to translucent, glassy shine. The refractive index is 1.76-1.77, the birefringence is 0.008, and the dichroism is strong. The Mohs hardness is 9, and the density is 3.95-4.1 grams per cubic centimeter. Some sapphires can have a star effect. Under certain conditions, they can have a brilliant six-shot star effect, which is called “star sapphire”.

What’s the difference between sapphire and aquamarine?The above is the difference between sapphire and aquamarine, which can help you identify them when buying jewelry. Both sapphire and aquamarine have their own charm, matching with other suitable jewelry sets can bring out your unique temperament in the crowd.

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