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Today Normaltan Jewelry introduces  Birthstone for January – Garnet.

Birthstone for January: Garnet


1.The Legend of Garnet

Garnet has been regarded as a talisman since ancient Egyptian times, and because it is the oldest gemstone, it was chosen as the birthstone for January. The deep red color is like the garnet of Bordeaux red wine, and it is also like a ripe pomegranate fruit, which is crystalline, so it has the name of garnet. Garnets are found all over the world, and in the rough, they are more attractive than diamonds, with beautiful shapes. Garnet can be said to be a symbol of power, elegance, and victory. In the Victorian era of England, it was inlaid on gemstone jewelry such as crowns and was cherished and loved.

The legend about its birthstone: Garnet was the first gem found in Czechoslovakia, the oldest relic in Europe. The string of garnets is strung on a string and legend has it that it was worn by the elders of the tribe.

People in ancient times worshiped the sun as a god, and the gemstones that sparkle when exposed to the sun are considered as mysterious as the sun. It is said that when Goethe and his lover Ululida were dating, they often wore red garnets handed down from generation to generation. This string of gems is still housed in the Bohemian Museum. Wearing this kind of gemstone makes people feel calm and peaceful, can understand other people’s good intentions and ideas, and can use friends to see through everything in the world.

Birthstone for January-01

2.The Name of Garnet

The scientific name of Ziyawu mineral is garnet, and its English name is Garnet. The commercial name of Pyrope is red garnet. Historically, pyrope was called “Ruby of the Cape of Good Hope” and “Arizona Ruby”.

Green iron-containing grossular garnet, trade name “Tsavo stone” emerald green garnet is android garnet, trade name “demantoid”. For some time, people called it “African jade” and its sub-species, known as “laurel garnet”.

3.The Grade of Garnet

Garnet is divided into six grades in total, namely A grade, 2A grade, 3A grade, 4A grade, 5A grade, and 6A grade.

Grade A is the worst grade of garnet. It is dark black, with poor light transmission, almost invisible, and a lot of cracks and impurities.

Grade 2A garnet is impermeable, with many ice cracks, many internal impurities, and skin.

Grade 3A garnet is semi-permeable, with more ice cracks, some impurities inside, and a little skin.

4A grade garnet is transparent, less ice cracked than 3a garnet, less basic impurities inside, and no skin.

5A grade garnet is completely transparent, with few ice cracks, few internal impurities, and no skin.

The 6A crystal has a clarity of 99.99% and no ice cracks.

The above is the January birthstone information introduced by Normaltan Jewelry, hoping to let you know more about this unique gemstone – garnet.