April Shines: Denmark’s Best Diamonds

Let’s take a look at the best diamonds in Denmark today!

April Shines-diamond

Ruby Tiara

Now most closely associated with Crown Princess Marie, the ruby-studded tiara dates back to Emperor Napoleon. One of his compatriots, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, commissioned his wife, Désirée Clay, to wear the piece at Napoleon’s coronation.

The couple went on to become King and Queen of Sweden. The Jewelry set passed down the Swedish royal family until Princess Louise brought them to Denmark when she married the future King Frederick VIII in 1869.Finally they have remained in the Danish royal family ever since.

Ruby Parure Tiara features a floral design with pavé diamonds for the leaves and ruby for the berries.

Ruby Tiara

Flower egret

Made entirely of diamonds, the floral egret tiara is most closely associated with Queen Margrethe II, who often wears it to royal engagements. It can be broken down into three pieces – egrets – or joined together to form a kind of hoop headdress.

Queen Ingrid was the first member of the Danish royal family to wear a Floral Aigrette at her daughter’s wedding.She wore it frequently after Margrethe became Queen.It was famously at her son Crown Prince Frederik At the wedding in 2004.

April Shines-Flower egret

Pearl Poiré Headwear

This classic diamond and pearl tiara dates back to the royal families of Prussia  before landing in Denmark. Designed in 1825 for the daughter of the King of Prussia.The tiara eventually ascended to the title of Queen of Denmark.

April Shines-Pearl Poiré

Nuits Claires Crown

Princess Marie collaborated with French jeweler Mauboussin to design the tiara for France’s state visit to Denmark in 2018. As with the Flora Danica tiara (which she also co-designed), Princess Mary has the exclusive right to wear it at royal events.

Princess Mary also came up with its name – a nod to the Danish bright nights (nuits claires) – and helped design the tiara. It features diamond sapphires set in white gold with a large 6.82 ct sapphire in the center.

April Shines-Nuits Claires Crown

Midnight Crown

Crown Princess Mary wore the Midnight Tiara exclusively through a collaboration with Ole Lynggaard, Court Jeweler to the Danish Royal Family. The jeweler created the diamond and moonstone tiara for a special exhibition at the Amalienborg Palace Museum, and Princess Mary loved it so much.Both side struck a deal that she could borrow it for royal engagements for free. The Midnight Tiara is similar to Crown Princess Mary’s Ruby Parure Tiara. It features a floral/leaf design and is made of diamonds and moonstones set in rose gold, white gold, and silver.

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