6 Rare Black Gems

Black is undoubtedly the most mysterious color among the many-colored gems in the jewelry industry. Black gems have a wide range of matching clothing and have been well received in recent years.

How many black gems are there in the jewelry industry? Normaltan Jewelry will introduce you one by one.

Black diamond

  1. Black diamond

Also known as Black King Kong Stone (English name is “Carbonados”), its origin is mainly concentrated in the natural polycopstal diamond stone, which is a natural poly crystal diamond in the Central African Republic and the Brazilian deposit mines. Usually black and dark brown. Its hardness and toughness are excellent, and Mo’s hardness can even reach 10. In people’s impression, diamonds should have a rainbow-like glory and no debris. However, these black diamonds are just solid colors, almost matte colors. There are many miscellaneous objects.

The number of black diamonds is particularly precious because of the scarcity of black diamonds. At present, the more famous 5 big black diamonds are,

  • The Spirit of De Grisogono

The Spirit of De Grisogono is the second-largest black diamond discovered so far. Weighing 312.24 carats. It is reported that when this black gems was found in the Central Africa mining area, the rough was about 587 carats. In the end, a Swiss company cut and processed the shapes that everyone saw and inlaid on the ring. Diamonds are more than 700 colorless diamonds, and the entire processing process takes 1 year.

Spirit of de Grisogono

  • Gruosi Diamond

This black diamond is produced in India, and its rough weighs 300.12 carats. It took 3 years to cut into a platinum necklace. These 300.12-carat rough stones eventually turned into 115.34 carats of The Gruosi Diamond. With 58.77 carats with small black diamonds, 378 colorless diamonds, and 14.1 carats. The necklace’s overall shine and very eye-catching.

blog-Gruosi Diamond

  • Korloff Noir Diamond

This is a beautiful black diamond weighing 88 carats, which originally belonged to the Korloff Sapojnikoff Russian family. In the 1970s, the French jewelry dealer Daniel Paillasseur was moved to the Russian Revolution. And name it The Korloff Noir Diamond.

This black diamond uses the Korloff cutting method, which is convenient for most light to enter the gemstone and enhance the luster of the diamond. After two cutting before and after, the black diamond finally cut 88 carats from 110 carats.

blog-The Korloff Noir Diamond

  • The Amsterdam

The Amsterdam is a pear-shaped pure black diamond weighing about 33.74 carats, which are originally produced in South Africa and its rough is nearly 56 carats.

blog-The Amsterdam

  • Black Orlov Diamond

The original Ishihara Stone was once known as the “Eye of Brahma”, weighing 195 carats, and its origin is in India. It was inlaid on the eyes of a Hindu god “Brahma”. Therefore, it is also called “the Eye of the Creation” by future generations.

To break the curse of “Brahma”, later generations cut the black diamond into three pieces. One of them was The Black Orlov Diamond, which moved to Russia in the 18th century and became a royal treasure.


  1. Natural Black Opal

Opal (OPAL) originated from the Latin OPALUS, which means “the beauty of the gemstone is one”. Australia, which was originally produced, occurred at least about 65 million years ago. Silicon dioxide sediments gradually appeared on the earth’s coastline. After 35 million years of evolution, silicon dioxide sediments have been transformed into soluble silica. After several rotations of the ground, they slowly formed the current protein stones. We can see that the entire formation process takes about 5 million years, which is a long process. It is not completely black. It is relatively lighter than Opal.

Natural Black Opal is the leader in Opal. Because of the scarcity, high-quality black Opal is expensive. As an October birthstone, people believe that protein can be given human power. In the ancient Roman era, Opal was used as an amulet. People believe that no matter what difficulties, Opal can give the wearer for power. Each Opal Stone has unique patterns, brightness, and color. Some people believe that Opal fell from the sparkling universe. You must know that a good-looking Opal has a very high collection and ornamental value.

black opal
  1. Black sapphire

Black sapphire is a rare gem, and its bottom surface does not need to be polished. The naked eye can be visible to the straight or corner ribbon. The surface of the black sapphire is shiny and feels thick. It is exactly like starlight, and we can see several intertwined lights on the surface of the gemstone. These bright lines meet in the center, like the flickering stars in the night sky. As the surface of the gemstone rotates, the bright line will also move together. This is the starlight effect of gems.

The definition of “System Gemology” for the starlight effect is: “Under the light of parallel light, some jewelry and jade surfaces cut with curved surface shapes with arc-shaped and more than two or more cross-bright lines are called starlight effects. Each bright belt is called a Starline, usually, two, three, and six-star lines are common. It can be called four shots (or cross), six-shot star lines, or twelve shots. ”

The hardness of the black sapphire is 9, which is second only to diamond hardness. It can be translucent/opaque, brown, or black. Black sapphire can make people believe in their intuition and protect gem wearers from anger and intimidation.

  1. Black agate

Black agate is well known in life so Normaltan Jewelry will introduce its information further.

Agate belongs to the oxidized mineral chalcedony and can be red, brown, and orange. Countries that can find agate miners around the world are:

Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, etc. Its Mo’s hardness is 6 ~ 7.

In ancient times, black agate was used black agate as a tool for astrology and sacrifice. It is the role of amulets. It is believed that wearing black agate can protect the wearer from being injured by evil spirits. In the field of psychic, black agate can be connected to the spiritual world to help the wearer draw more energy and information.

In daily life, we see that black agate jewelry is favored by Queen Victoria. In similar situations, we are worth mentioning the Cartier Classic — Black Agate Crown. This is a crown that is affected by Russia’s Kokoshnik style and has been produced in 1914. It is gorgeous and extraordinary. Its branches and leaves are composed of black agate and diamond pearls. The former Danish princess Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, wore this crown when visiting Germany.

At present, Ninty Agion is generally loved by people because of its mysterious temperament.

Black agate
  1. Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline has evolved in the underground for a long time. Affected by temperature, these minerals eventually transformed into electrical stones. Its Mo’s hardness is from 7 ~ 7.5. Among the more than 30 different types of tourmalines currently known, black tourmaline belongs to Schorl. Black tourmaline’s origin is distributed in Brazil, the United States, Pakistan, Xinjiang, and China. There are more or fewer flaws within the real natural tourmaline. “Insufficient beauty” is the best gift for nature.

In daily life, black tourmaline is often used as a protective stone. Putting black tourmaline around you can enhance your self-confidence, and eliminate fear and excessive thinking.

  1. Black Pearl

Black Pearl is a June birthstone. As a gem prepared by biology, it is very special. Black Pearl looks like a special dark gray. The rainbow color on it is fascinating. Under the light, you can capture pink, purple, green, and other colors that are flashing on the dark gray surface.

The mother shell of Tahitian Black Pearl is called “Black Lips”. The black pearls that secrete it can cultivate unique black pearls. The formation of pearls in Tahitian takes more than two years. In addition, black pearls are affected by many factors such as weather and environment during the growth process, and limited yields have created the preciousness of black pearls. According to statistics, 30%of the possibilities of 100 black butterfly shells have bred pearls. There are no more than 5 high -quality black pearls produced in the end.

Captain Jack’s ship in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was named after “Black Pearl”. It shows its preciousness.

And about Black Pearl, there has always been a beautiful legend: the nectar on the moon will fall from time to time. Once the black butterfly shell is falling, the black butterfly shell will absorb it in the body. After suffering, the essence of the month finally turned into the charming queen in the pearl. Because natural black pearls also present the shape of water droplets, it is also called the most painful tears of the mother shell. These legends and depictions ultimately create a rare and noble image in the eyes of the world.


The above briefly introduced 6 kinds of black gems. Each gem is a gift from human beings, which is worth cherishing.